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Hybrid foundation Natus


For the new construction of a production hall an economic way of compacting the in-situ ground and in particular the 2.5m deep fill was being looked for.


The Hybrid-foundation „System TERRA-MIX“ was selected.

1st step:

Impulse Compaction in several work steps beneath the baseplate and the individual foundations, as well as re-filling of the settling cones with compactable fill material.

2nd step:

Creating a substitute base layer„System TERRA-MIX“ with a layer strength of 40cm by means of milling a suitably with the ground harmonized binding agent into the ground. This substitute layer serves as a load compensating layer above the compaction columns. Evd > 60MN/m2.


By using the Hybrid-foundation „System TERRA-MIX“ the use of resources could be minimized , the construction time be shortened and a foundation version of very high quality could be established.

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