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Hybrid foundation Seestadt Aspern

Job definition:

On the properties D5a, D8 and D9 several groups of buildings, in parts 8 stories high, were planned. According to the structural engineer ground pressures with σcurr = 100-320 kN/m2 had to be taken into account. The base plates would be lying in a fine sandy – silty soil of 1 – 3m thickness. Below there was partly a very loosly bedded gravel soil being located largely in the groundwater zone!


The Hybrid Foundation System TERRA-MIX was chosen. This method was chosen not only because of it ́s quick and flexible construction progress, but also because many additional advantages due to the replacement base layer would come into play: savings in earth work activities, the fleece and gravel, just to mention a few.


By creating the 50 – 100 cm thick replacement base layer an optimal load distribution could be guaranteed, also in the areas of cohesive soil, and the required parameters of the structural and geological engineers could be proven all-around!

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