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Highly mobile concrete mixing solution which can be easily mounted on any truck. 

Zimmerman industries offers a highly mobile solution for cement mixers to reach rural areas and smaller to medium sized construction sites. The Zim-Mixer® blends concrete on the job site and is designed to carry the sand, stone, cement and water in separate compartments. The Zim-Mixer® can be easily mounted on any truck, trailer or be used for stationary usage.

  • We grant 3-year or 10,000 m³ warranty on Material Feed Chains.
  • There is no spillage of sand or stone along the length of the unit, due to the unique design. This allows for a cleaner job and cleaner chassis.
  • Each aggregate can be dispensed individually at any time, using our independent clutch system. This greatly decreases calibration time.
  • Our solution meets the following specifications: ASTM C-685, ACI, AASHTO M-241, VMMB and CE-Certified.

Zimmerman cement mixers possible applications are on remote locations, construction sites, residential areas, repair works, municipal, military, damns, railroads, making of pools, precast, airports and as well as tunnels.

The Zim-Mixer® is available in two production rates: A standard 22.5 or optional 45 m³ per hour.

A. PATENTED MATERIAL CHAIN FEED SYSTEM Less maintenance. Three times the life of older belt feed systems. Patented US 4601.629.
B. FULL DECK Surrounding entire unit. (Storage or extra working space, more aesthetically pleasing unit).
C. NUMBERED DIAL PLATE Mix design changes are the fastest in the industry.
D. MATERIAL FEED Separate chains for sand and stone, allowing for easier change of aggregates and calibration.
E. AUGER MOTOR Rear mounted motor puts torque where it is needed, making it easier and faster to service.
F. DUST REDUCTION SYSTEM Reduces excess dust.
G. HYDRAULIC LIFT AND SWING Standard on all units.
H. CEMENT DELIVERY SYSTEM Self-cleaning cement metering chain (no build-up ever). The most accurate system on the market.


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